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Because Liberals Think and Conservatives Follow.


I have the unfortunate pleasure of being friends with several conservatives on facebook.  Because of this I can count on several posts per day regarding how President Obama is a socialist that is ruining our country, that he’s secretly a Muslim that wants our county ruled my Allah, or that he simply isn’t a U.S. citizen.  I seldom read anything that I haven’t heard already because everyone of them pretty much says the same thing over and over. I came the realization the other day that I have far more liberal friends on Facebook than I do conservative friends, yet I get exponentially more posts deriding liberals than the other way around.  Why is that I asked myself?  I then asked my wife.  Her response was “Because liberal think, and conservatives follow”.

That is it in a nutshell I believe.  When you think and develop your own opinions on matters, you don’t feel the need to espouse them constantly.  Plus they are your own opinions.  They are not something someone told you to believe so you hold them a little more personal and sacred.  Now I’m not saying that there has never been an outspoken liberal, but I am astonished at the hypocrisy and hatred that comes from the right.  These friends of mine constantly post things on their wall that are anti-liberal.  And most of them are not even worth discussing.  Bill Maher, who some conservatives need reminding is a comedian, asked one of his panelist if Republican congressmen that purposely thwart Democrat policies designed to create jobs and help the economy, solely because they are a democratic ideas were being treasonous.  Seems like a legitimate question to me.  He even said if not treasonous, at least it could be deemed unpatriotic.  What I see on my wall is “Bill Maher says if you disagree with Obama you are committing treason”.  What?  Really?  That’s what you got out of that statement.  Then I’m supposed to consider things you say credible?  Another one was when Obama made the admitted gaffe referring to Auschwitz as a “Polish Death Camp”.  First off Obama is not the first person to do this.  Many in the past have used that phrase to distinguish from the death camps that were within Germany.  Obama apologized for offending anyone in Poland and it should have been dropped at that.  But of course I had to see it on my wall via my conservative Facebook friends.

So I was thinking to myself, why is it that conservatives are so prone to posting and talking about this stuff.  And furthermore why is our political climate today so divisive.  The answer can be summed up in two words – Rush Limbaugh.  Rush Limbaugh has probably done more harm to this country than any man in my lifetime.  Pre-Limbaugh conservatives and democrats disagreed.  Post-Limbaugh they hate each other.  Pre-Limbaugh you would get registered democrats that voted Republican, and vice-versa.  Post-Limbaugh that hardly ever happens.  Rush Limbaugh has created such a great divide that our government is in constant gridlock, because the two sides can’t reach compromise on anything.  Some may say how can I blame this one man.  It’s simple.  He was the catalyst for the conservative talk show movement.  He was successful and he made money on it.  This in turned spawned the likes of Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and an entire cable news network (FOX News).  Why is FOX News around?  Because Rush Limbaugh said that the mainstream news was a bastion of liberalism.  And all his “followers” agreed with him.  So now you have this massive movement of people that say and believe the exact same things.  There is no thought process, just blind following.

So I thought why have the liberals been so miserable at coming up with their own movement?  Sure there is MSNBC that tries, but they have about 1/3 the viewership of FOX News.  There have been a few liberal talk radio hosts, but none have near the pull of Limbaugh.  For some reason liberals aren’t interested in listening to a talk show deriding conservatives for ruining America.  And I ask myself why is this?

And the answer once again is .  .  . “Because liberals think and conservatives follow”.