What has happened to my sport?

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I was listening to the radio the other morning and heard Mike and Mike on ESPN state that John Madden, as a part of Roger Goodell’s safety panel, is proposing that the NFL makes rules regarding hitting a QB similar to those regarding punters and kickers. I knew Madden was going senile when in the 2002 Super Bowl he implored the Patriots to run the clock out in a tie game with 1:30 left.  They instead of course drove down the field and Adam Vinatieri kicked the Super Bowl winning FG.  But now Madden has completely lost his mind.  John Madden coached in the NFL.  He knows how intense a defensive lineman needs to come off the line of scrimmage to beat a 300 pound lineman that can run a 40-yard dash in around 5 seconds.  There is no way to expect these guys, or even more so blitzing linebackers and defensive backs, to stop in an attempt to avoid contact with the QB.  All the injuries he hopes we avoid having to QB’s would be replaced by pass rushers tearing ligaments, hamstrings, and anything else that can tear while trying to avoid these collisions – collisions that have made the NFL what it is today I might add; or I should say what it was 5-10 years ago.  This would essentially make pass rushes illegal.  Rushing the passer drives much of the strategy in the NFL.  Disguising blitzes and using stunts to hurry the QB is essential to the game of football.  What separates good QB’s from bad ones is the ability to feel the rush, and know when to get rid of the football.  How can someone that has been around football as long as John Madden not see that his idea would completely ruin football?  John and I need to have a little talk!


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